Duel [noun]

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It was during his attempts to decrease the size of the military budget that he called none other than the Minister President of Prussia, Otto von Bismarck, a liar, resulting in the sausage duel.

This week, the two sides battled it out in a heated duel in one of the most prestigious science journals, Nature.

There was hope that, if the stars aligned, we could see a duel between Kipchoge and Bekele with both men at their best.

What the researchers pieced together is that this seemingly harmonious partnership evolved through a duel at the cellular and genetic levels, one that left the ant eggs largely unviable on their own.

For example, a section in the Kentucky Constitution requires all public officials swear they have never participated in a duel.

"But I don't quite see that," persisted Spunyarn, strong in his idea that the man who fights a duel is a fool.

As soon as Michael made sure of the duel, he saw his confidential clerk.

Button Gwinnett, one of the signers, died of a wound received in a duel.

On the Sunday afternoon the conversation turned on the recent duel at Rome.

But the young nobleman provoked Du Bousquier into a duel where the latter dangerously wounded him.