Contest [noun]

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Our presidential model uses a dataset of 113 variables for presidential elections spanning each presidential contest from 1992 to 2020.

Begich had resisted calls from some Democrats to drop out of the contest, but with the general election three weeks away, Walker’s team was hopeful Begich might fold and present a united front against Dunleavy.

If a map provides symmetric, or equal, opportunity for all parties in a contest to convert votes into seats, that map is deemed fair.

If you missed out, you may want to consult the thousands of attack distributions from these previous contests.

Once built, Microsoft tested the software on the DeepFake Detection Challenge Dataset, which Facebook AI created as part of a contest to build automated detection tools.

We’ll be following the ins and outs of each contest tonight on Twitter, so please follow along!

Directors of governmental agencies and city managers tend not to get involved in political contests for control of the legislative body for which they work.

What it was was a contest to produce the most efficient chicken using genetic techniques basically.

When Mohamed Salah set up for a penalty kick in just the second minute of the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League final, he had a chance to score the potential deciding goal in one of global sports’ biggest contests.

We give the Clips a 62 percent chance to win that contest and project that they’ll maintain the No.