Trying [adjective]

Definition of Trying:

difficult, bothersome

Synonyms of Trying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trying:

Sentence/Example of Trying:

What a glorious double stroke it would be, after all their years of trying.

"Another tribe is trying to break into our land," he said to himself.

The gentlemen were smoking, and some of the ladies were trying to look at ease with cigarettes.

She was trying to extort a promise that she should appear in its pages, which, as we all remember, she did.

But I tell you, I am trying to find out what the matter is that you need my help in.

There was no answer to his knock, and by trying the knob he found that she had locked herself in.

And this we are trying to do in negotiations with the Soviet Union.

Evelyn sat silent, trying to realize just what had happened to her.

The winter has been trying; there is rain one day, frost the next.

It was like trying to storm a medieval fortress with a popgun.