Sport [noun]

Definition of Sport:

recreational activity; entertainment

Synonyms of Sport:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sport:

Sentence/Example of Sport:

I never saw a girl of her age bid fairer to be the sport of mankind.

If you are really out just for sport and curiosity, I'm sorry for you.

My brother Digby has no sport in him, and he is much bigger than me, besides.

He had fished all his life—had Good Indian—and had found joy in the sport.

But this ordeal combat was far removed from the domain of sport.

He was more interested in the science of the bow than in the sport of it.

There was little roughness in the sport, and much playfulness.

Should a man of quality incline to sport there was ever something to attract him.

Let us see what sort of sport the bull-pups make in the baiting of him!

But there was one man amongst them who particularly enjoyed the sport.