Athletics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Athletics:

My objections to your sports and athletics seem to have very little reality about them, children, said Mrs. Belding.

The sports themselves were those that we are accustomed to group together as track and field athletics.

The latter learned that in athletics especially the rivalry between the two lower and the two upper classes was intense.

Having ploughed the mortgaged acres, and tossed hay and broken colts, college athletics struck him as rather puerile diversion.

Respite came to him for a year or two before he went to college because athletics became his god.

These stories are rich in fun and thrills in all branches of sports and athletics.

As a nation the Americans are fond of athletics, which are taught in the schools.

These should be large, fitted to the needs of boys and girls, and there should be a teacher of athletics.

We thank the newspapers very much for occasionally noticing our athletics and our regattas.

Well, I thought there was something more in the wind than a simple discussion of athletics.