Diversion [noun]

Definition of Diversion:

change in a course, path

Synonyms of Diversion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Diversion:

Sentence/Example of Diversion:

The report authors wrote that the diversion program has faced challenges.

Cats, on other hand, have nothing to learn from philosophy because they have no need for diversion.

Living surrounded by working farms has served up diversion and an ideal spot for socially distanced visits.

The diversions I had brought — a book, surfing my phone, journaling — were less appealing, and I tried going to the cafe car for a change of perspective.

It also rolled out a new diversion program late last year that allows homeless San Diegans facing a ticket or an arrest to avoid prosecution and fines if they agree to stay in one of the nonprofit’s shelters for 30 days.

This year is immune to diversion, no matter how much we need it.

If we’re going to have the diversion of sports, it’s important the people providing it not only keep themselves and others safe but understand millions are watching them.

Luckily, the two green machines below turned out to be fine diversions.

It may be that the expedition was intended first to operate as a diversion, and then to join Bruce himself in Nithsdale.

Drafted also a long cable discussing a diversion on the Asiatic shore of the Dardanelles.