Turning [verb]

Definition of Turning:

revolve, curve

Synonyms of Turning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Turning:

Sentence/Example of Turning:

Things as trifling as the turning of a shell may restore you to your rights.

“Master Headley will give us work, mayhap,” said Stephen, turning to Tibble.

While she looked at one, she listened to the other, and her neck grew tired with turning.

We employed our spare time in gymnastics, in turning, and in rambles.

So turning from me, she spoke with quickness, Whither now, Clary Harlowe?

Then turning to me—You can bear the imputation of sullenness I see!

We have come to a turning point, a moment for hard decisions.

She asked me, upon my turning from her, if she should not say any thing below of my compliances?

It was all in her smile and the turning of her eyes, which were very wide open.

"You've treated me damned badly," said Banstead, turning on his heel.