Gyrate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gyrate:

After all, if you can’t go to live events right now, you might at least get a thrill watching your stock portfolio gyrate.

A few couples were beginning to gyrate among the fumes of spaghetti and vin ordinaire.

At times when close together, several may merge and form a large, irregular, gyrate patch.

The molecules show all kinds of possible combinations; the combinations spin, turn head over heels, and gyrate in endless ways.

He then took off his boots and his coat, and standing on his toes he commenced to gyrate with extraordinary rapidity.

The band played out its selection and the Court Fool continued to gyrate.

Everything about him is involved in I know not what whirlpool of his ideas, and even his mistress must gyrate along with them.

The wind blows this way and blows that, but the great storms gyrate and travel in one general direction.

It could gyrate in a spiral, or spin on its axis in a rectilinear path like a rifled bullet.

Others began to gyrate over and under their horses in a dizzy way.