Pirouette [noun]

Definition of Pirouette:

circuit around something

Synonyms of Pirouette:

Opposite/Antonyms of Pirouette:

Sentence/Example of Pirouette:

If you do not know what a pirouette is, you must get some one to explain and pronounce the word for you.

Then, rising, she danced over to her sister, and forced her into a pirouette.

Suddenly May sprang to her feet, clapped her palms together, and began to pirouette.

With that she made a pirouette, and in three bounds was out of the room.

The pirouette had the advantage of being understood by the spectators in every land.

And with a pirouette she fluttered yet further away, the bit of paper held daintily and aloft between forefinger and thumb.

Compared to the measured march of Bossuet's sentences, Voltaire's sprightly periods remind one almost of a pirouette.

The player is then required to release his hold, to pirouette rapidly, and snatch the umbrella before it falls to the ground.

And he began to pirouette slowly round the room with a preoccupied expression.

Dolly, who at first forgot to take his hat off, whistled a bar, and then turned a pirouette on his heel.