Submission [noun]

Definition of Submission:


Opposite/Antonyms of Submission:

Sentence/Example of Submission:

She was maintaining that calm level of submission to fate which had been her lifelong habit.

She could only wait, and it took all the patience and submission she could find.

I have, however, to do it, and now and then I have moments of submission and acceptance.

Charles Bonaparte had gained but little by his submission to the French.

He obeyed my orders—went into the cave to bring his associates to submission.

My independence, my horror of submission, even in appearance, annoyed him vastly.

I will not yield, I will not make my submission, I will defend my book by a fresh one.

Woman, Paul makes that rule the same, and that submission, the same.

A submission to the will of the majority is a fundamental principle of our institutions.

As if he had said,--I seek to test the submission of your will, freely, to my will.