Capitulation [noun]

Definition of Capitulation:

giving in

Synonyms of Capitulation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Capitulation:

Sentence/Example of Capitulation:

Tesla now commands a bigger market valuation than social-media giant Facebook, with the latest jolt to the electric-vehicle maker’s share price coming from the capitulation of a long-time Wall Street bear on Thursday.

Like Gandhi after him, Sharpe had taken on the most powerful empire in the world, and achieved an astonishing capitulation.

If I showed you the next four quarters of M&A trade, there’s a huge number of capitulation trades, which is a sign of a declining market, not a rising one.

At last the accumulated horrors shook even his firm spirit, and on June 4th a capitulation was agreed on.

During the early months of 1797 he commanded a column at Bologna, and was present at the capitulation of Mantua.

The capitulation was a matter of half an hour, and by nightfall I followed the duke and his escort into the town.

Orders were then given to cease firing, and by one oʼclock the terms of capitulation were being negotiated.

But at ten o'clock in the evening a flag of truce arrived offering a capitulation.

Capitulation of the city of Canton, which had forfeited previous stipulations with the British and resumed hostilities.

After the capitulation it was detached to cover the French communications from an attack from the direction of Styria.