Relenting [verb]

Definition of Relenting:

die down; let up

Opposite/Antonyms of Relenting:

Sentence/Example of Relenting:

I gave him hopes of Frederica's relenting, and told him a great deal of her improvements.

“I am sure I should break down,” said I, trying to find some sign of relenting in his eyes.

There was no pause, no pity, no relenting rest in the world's kindness.

She shuddered, and he caught at the fact as a sign of relenting.

I am told that she is relenting—that she has been heard to speak kindly of Clara.

I knew he was relenting when he first asked me if I would like to hear him play.

And so awkward and unused was she; full of striving—no relenting.

"In sooth, I am too cross-grained," said Griffith, relenting.

She doesn't show signs of relenting about your friend Coxon, does she?

No relenting longings towards the land of mountains and floods, I am afraid.'