Continue [verb]

Definition of Continue:

persist, carry on

Opposite/Antonyms of Continue:

Sentence/Example of Continue:

Non-challenge replay reviews per game were actually down during the pre-hiatus regular season compared to the past two regular seasons, and that continued through the seeding games.

They continue to hold events and run advertisements focused on this theme.

More likely, the Stars will get punished by a team like Tampa Bay if they continue to concede at their current rate.

Puerto Rican voters have tended to favor Democrats, and Biden is wagering that he can continue that trend.

The Greens' presidential nominee, Howie Hawkins, has continued to campaign despite the ballot challenges.

Another woman also said she was repeatedly harassed while in the El Paso detention center and that guards continued to reach out to her even after she was released.

The prospect of “building a new thing made me much more happy and excited than continuing to turn around a very large ship.”

Meanwhile, analysts at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank wrote in notes Friday that the early September sell-off is likely short-lived, predicting stocks will likely continue their trek higher in coming months.

Public health officials continue to advise the politicians, who then lay out the plan for the rest of us to follow.

Felipe was so full of impatience to continue his search, that he hardly listened to the Father's words.