Outlive [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Outlive:

Never mind, Tom; bear on bravely, lad, and you'll outlive vexation.

They did not outlive their own poetic sense of the wonder and mystery of the world.

Do you think a woman can outlive the man she loves as I love you?

I never guessed that I was not going to outlive John Bigelow.

It needed but a glance to see that she would not outlive the winter.

You see the impression was strong enough to outlive her insanity.

These people have lived on the canvas for centuries, and they will outlive us all.

You're quite likely to outlive me and a host of younger men.

I know that his courage was not of that character to outlive defeat.

But to think that the rose has outlived one and probably will outlive the other!