Survive [verb]

Definition of Survive:

continue to live

Opposite/Antonyms of Survive:

Sentence/Example of Survive:

There are too many things which survive which ought to be killed off.

He should survive, even if the event were indefinitely postponed.

She could not understand how Kingozi managed to survive ten hours day after day.

Granada may yet survive, if monarch and people unite together.

I cancel the oath now, for the knowledge of it should survive his life and mine.

Fictions or realities, could they survive the touchstone of this atom of common sense?

Of the four children who were the fruit of this marriage, but two survive.

Be mine, and wholly mine—or never, never will I survive your desertion!

It was a disgrace to lose one's sword or to survive if the leader was killed.

If Hooker is in fault, then he ought not to survive this disaster.