Outwear [verb]

Definition of Outwear:


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Sentence/Example of Outwear:

"'Tis I that am more like to outwear your patience, fair Judith," said he.

You wilfully misunderstand my attitude; you outwear my patience.

When the French joint is used the leather need not be pared and ordinarily will outwear the paper of the book.

You wilfully misunderstand my attitude; you outwear 93 my patience.

This Brussels will outwear two ingrain carpets, at a very little advance on the first cost.

In proportion as I outwear my past, and change my present abysmal ignorance into knowledge, so shall I become free.

Yet more than one pair of these have I outworn, and many more shall I outwear ere my journeys are ended.

We go there so often that I fear Miss Sally will think we mean to outwear our welcome.

Such a worm gear will, I fancy, outwear a dozen of the scientific sort.