Neglect [noun]

Definition of Neglect:


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Sentence/Example of Neglect:

At present it was dark and weather-beaten, and in a general state of neglect.

But this neglect has at length recoiled upon the heads of its promoters.

One cause of the King's neglect was his great distress for money.

With the consequences of my neglect I now reproached myself in vain.

It is at once a neglect of duty, and a certain forfeiture of esteem.

I find the study of electricity so entertaining that I am apt to neglect my other work.'

I mean the neglect of natural in favour of manufactured flavourings.

Kirsty could not do nearly what she would to make up for his neglect.

I had never been able to neglect it, even in any worst time, for it was a passion with me.

Neither do they disdain to consult them, nor neglect the responses which they return.