Inconsideration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Inconsideration:

If you’re worried you’ll be to blame if your son becomes an inconsiderate adult, then stop — you’ve made your values and expectations clear to him for umpteen years.

Whatever prompted such inconsideration, I am sick of it, was Leilas vehement utterance.

Such a medicin, I fear, his inconsideration needed; and I hope as confidently that he had it.

She simply added to the sin of untruthfulness, the sins of ingratitude, and of inconsideration for the feelings of another.

This inconsideration, though she seldom complained, affected her spirits and preyed upon her heart.

It hung upon me, indeed, some time, said he; but I was full of spirit and inconsideration.

As Frances said, the “Josephine R” looked as though she had no intention of putting up with such inconsideration.

I might even be accused of jealousy, inconsideration for his future, and a lack of faith in the man.

And I find all just, all right, on your side; and all impatience, all inconsideration on mine.

One moment of heedless inconsideration may plunge thee in years of calamity.