Heedlessness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Heedlessness:

Certainly it was not exactly a cheerful Christmas Day for the one whose heedlessness had brought it all about.

When the mistress neglects matters in this way the maid-servant is not wholly to blame for her heedlessness.

The thought that her own heedlessness and obstinacy had brought the disaster only made it the harder to bear.

She knew that it was not the fault of the window, but of their own curiosity and heedlessness.

But I never can—I'm like him, every one says so, and he says the heedlessness is ingrain, and can't be got rid of.

Im really very sorry Dollys heedlessness should have caused one of my aunts guests any embarrassment.

Would that prevent your being crushed by the machinery, if you got entangled in it through ignorance or heedlessness?

There was, in truth, a sort of wild excitement in the air at that time, and it brings heedlessness.

Boys ring bells with intense heedlessness of its being some one's journey—oftener four journeys—to answer them.

To these pleasures I abandoned myself with all the heedlessness of such a wild unbridled nature as mine had always been.