Licentiousness [noun]

Definition of Licentiousness:


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Sentence/Example of Licentiousness:

That in these dark retreats, secluded from censure, and from the knowledge of the world, they might riot in licentiousness.

Hobbes's politics are fitted only to promote tyranny, and his ethics to encourage licentiousness.

In this crude manner they turn the liberty of the spirit into wantonness and licentiousness.

In our days the increase of licentiousness is but the result of having rejected the Truth of God.

The first is the terribly prevalent and everywhere tolerated licentiousness of men.

The licentiousness of Thophile Gautier is elevated by the power of his transcendent genius to the plane of true art.

In America social licentiousness is not inherent as a national characteristic, nor inherited from a profligate ancestry.

With all his passions, he held licentiousness in disdain; with all his ambition for the power of wealth, he despised its luxury.

He soon converted ours into a place of filthy debauch and scandalous licentiousness, the haunt of knaves and debauchees.

Foreigners, resorting to it from all parts, had introduced a degree of licentiousness which became proverbial.