Wildness [adjective]

Definition of Wildness:


Synonyms of Wildness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Wildness:


Sentence/Example of Wildness:

"Oh, no, we must go—we must go," she said with a hint of wildness in her urgency.

Csar took it, but continued to look at Philip with eyes that were threatening in their wildness.

"True to their wildness, maybe," she answered him disdainfully.

There was no longer any chance for the wildness of the beast to crop out.

But my master was soon sent away for a piece of wildness he did.

For all his wildness, Bunter had made no mistake in his marrying.

Wildness was over all, but it was the wildness of former refinement.

A being of grace, of beauty, and of a wildness that was part of the Hills and wind!

Roaring in her ears, faces tumbling, lifting in a wildness about her.

This miserable strife of thought now began to rage in all its wildness.