Cruelty [noun]

Definition of Cruelty:

brutality, harshness

Opposite/Antonyms of Cruelty:

Sentence/Example of Cruelty:

I guess I just felt like I was worth something, like all the pain and cruelty wasn’t what was real.

Mistreatment ranged, much as it did in the United States, from individual acts of cruelty to systemic oppression.

Plus, for each journal purchased a percentage of the profit is donated to a non-profit organization in Zambia that promotes the prevention of child cruelty.

Her pulse was beneath his fingers, and with every stroke of it he felt more keenly the mystery and cruelty of life.

Say that my anger has no bounds—that my heart is breaking—will break and kill me, if he persists in his ingratitude and cruelty.

I could find in the Bible more instances of Jahweh's cruelty and barbarity and lack of mercy than I can find room for.

He loathed himself for submitting to her cruelty, for it was intentional cruelty—she made him writhe and suffer of set purpose.

The cruelty hidden in the beautiful lines of his mouth took instant prominence in the smile that flickered round it.

But when frightened he could be cruelty itself, as is shown in his terrible decrees against the Spanish guerillas.

Nevertheless, if his cruelty bears no relation to her wrongful beginnings, she still has good ground for separation.