Consideration [noun]

Definition of Consideration:

mental analysis

Synonyms of Consideration:

Opposite/Antonyms of Consideration:

Sentence/Example of Consideration:

Thoughts during her tenure of leaving gave way to other considerations, she said.

Participants who responded to their error by giving it more consideration were able to do better on the test after making their mistake.

Given her own rapid rise and position in leadership, Sykes has thrust herself into consideration as a future governor or Senate candidate for the Democrats.

Both of these considerations can help explain how there could be moral error and disagreement even if the ground of ethical truth is, so to speak, right under our noses.

If style and finish are considerations in your under bed storage needs, this set of two boxes will meet the occasion.

The idea of moving an entire population en masse is just one of several radical measures under consideration by the island populations most threatened by rising seas.

Take the rider’s age, height, weight, and skill level into consideration.

It’s possible to have very little body fat and be healthy, but it takes careful consideration of your diet and eating habits—check with a nutritionist or physician if you’re pursuing something like this.

The downside is that they’re more expensive, and the bike frames and motors are made to match each other, so any decision about which bike to buy has to include a serious consideration of which brands use the motor system that you like.

That has helped TikTok to become a more regular part of the consideration set for creators.