Concentration [noun]

Definition of Concentration:

consolidation of effort

Opposite/Antonyms of Concentration:

Sentence/Example of Concentration:

He brands that much concentration in extremely expensive stocks as “dangerous.”

I’m a force for innovation, encouraging the concentration of high-tech and other industries.

Some critics are calling for Google and Facebook to be broken up or have recent acquisitions “unwound” to promote competition and reduce the concentration of power.

It may be the greatest concentration of wealth on a single video call the world has yet seen.

It turns out there is quite a concentration of microbial life in the bottom of sea ice.

With more fresh air in the mix, droplet concentration would probably have been lower.

The concentrations of those gases in the plume were several hundred percent higher than normal stratospheric air and displaced the ozone-rich air that typically makes up gas at these altitudes.

These cells are thought to help maintain precise concentrations of chemicals in the nose.

The solvent in which the CNTs are dissolved then starts to evaporate, increasing the concentration of the solution and speeding up the deposition process.

Its process now distills ethanol, a type of alcohol, to a higher concentration than is used in whiskey.