Centralization [noun]

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It has too much the tinge of centralization of power in the Federal Government, and we have had enough of this already.

And above all things, this Statesman Prophet was the essence and personification of centralization and concord.

To this allegiance and fidelity of his to God and centralization it is possible to trace the devotion of Moslems to their Faith.

By recognising and guarding against the dogmatism of theorists and the dangers of centralization.

This centralization involved the removal of the local priests and a modification of ritual and legal observance.

But upon the question whether its Centralization was the work of Solomon or a much later idea, cp.

What we need most of all is a centralization of mechanical industries around the shores of this bay.

In despotic countries, the principle of centralization actuates everything.

The empire had not yet fallen into the error of excessive centralization.

The chief peculiarity of the Irish Administration is its extreme centralization.