Flocking [verb]

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Boids of a feather, flock togetherAncient Romans said the gods guided flocking birds.

The London workhouses had become congested "by the flocking into them of the lowest and most difficult to manage classes of poor."

The news had spread like wildfire to the studies, and the other boys came flocking in during the uproar, to join in it heartily.

As the children came flocking in with their bright faces and gay ribbons, it was a pretty scene.

It came afternoon of the next day, and the show was opened, and the people came flocking in.

Men and women are flocking to the meetings, old and young, to know what they must do to be saved.

The sisterhood, the maidens, flocking round the young waterman, and urging him along the stream of duty and of temperance.

Would you believe it, they were all flocking about us in crowds; in the mazurka they did nothing but seek her out.

It appeared that converts were flocking in, and that the schools of the missionaries were filled to overflowing.

Already people were flocking in from the country, determined to be nearest the court-room doors when they were thrown open.