Amassing [verb]

Definition of Amassing:

gather, accumulate

Synonyms of Amassing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Amassing:

Sentence/Example of Amassing:

While publishers continue to invest in and test ways to amass more first- party data, they also have to stay patient as advertisers and agencies take a wait-and-see approach to the coming changes.

So left to third-parties and ad tech companies and even tech platforms who have amassed considerable profits and wealth off of using people’s data outside their expectations we will once again fail as an industry to get to solutions.

In the face of public pressure, officials have only in the last couple years begun chipping away at what they spent decades amassing.

One common technique to amass supporters was called the “follow-back,” in which a Twitter account would put out a call for followers and promise to return the favor.

By the end of 2018, Kushner Companies had amassed 21,000 apartment units.

He’d noticed clumps of rod-shaped bacteria amassed at the borders of bleached regions of corals, suggesting infection.

Turn that discovery to better uses than the mere amassing of wealth.

He would never have asked advice of any one in reference either to amassing or to returning money.

It is true that numerous Uitlanders acquired competences, and some were amassing fortunes, but such prizes were comparatively few.

The time and energy of men is occupied in amassing facts, in lecturing, and then in eternal examinations.