Heap [noun]

Definition of Heap:

pile, accumulation

Synonyms of Heap:

Opposite/Antonyms of Heap:












Sentence/Example of Heap:

User error accounts for the majority of gear failure in the field, so learning how your tent or bedding sets up before you leave home can save you heaps of time and stress when you’re depending on it.

It’s notably lacking in the generous heaps of grated fresh ginger I know Sammy adds to his blend, but still, it’s excellent.

Where this has proved impossible, we’ve outsourced the process using barrels, jars, compost heaps, and industrial fermenters.

These include human bones, ancient buildings, ancient trash heaps and more.

Another plus is that busy microbes in a compost heap put out a lot of heat.

But here at Fort Walsh we're among a class of people that are a heap different from Texas cow-punchers.

At this point Harry entered and stood afar off, eying Punch, a disheveled heap in the corner of the room, with disgust.

If they'd been white men I would probably have been curled in a neat heap within two hundred yards.

You'll be a heap more sane when you get that old, wild-west notion, that every man should be a law unto himself, out of your head.

He gathered the heap and flung it into a corner, then caught up his hat and struck out for the loneliest part of the ranch.