Mint [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Mint:

We stuffed the pink dainties with mint, and baked them in balls of clay.

That brown skull was more precious to him than a mint of money.

The preserve of tigers alone is worth a mint of money, David.'

Now a mint was set up in Eden Vale, and the coinage underwent a reform.

Tak tent what ye say, or mint at sayin, to persuaud him:—Isy 'ill be upo ye!

Was revolutioned a few times, and finally escaped with the mint and his life.

Those who wished to be paid for their plate sent it to the Mint.

All these are either roasted or boiled, and served with mint sauce.

Serve, if roast, with mint sauce; and if boiled, with matre d'htel sauce.

You're only a child, you've made a mint of money out of this present abomination.