Untarnished [adjective]

Definition of Untarnished:


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Sentence/Example of Untarnished:

There is something merciless in the purity of untarnished youth.

It was not only untarnished by such knowledge as we brought with 166 us, it was radiant.

She was the very dawn of life herself, untarnished, unfatigued, unashamed.

It is not dirty nor silly; it is nature's untarnished truth.

Ruth had sent him to her untarnished, and now, while in her keeping, he was drifting away!

His honor was ever untarnished by even a breath of suspicion.

The little I have I leave to you, and the chief of this is an untarnished name.

Mr. Clavering, for all I know, is a gentleman of untarnished reputation.

His own honour was so untarnished that he refused to believe less of others.

It is easier to win spoils from death than to keep them untarnished by life.