Unspotted [adjective]

Definition of Unspotted:

clean, pure; primeval

Synonyms of Unspotted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unspotted:

Sentence/Example of Unspotted:

I care not for the money,—I care not for the jewels,—but an unspotted name.

He found it exceedingly difficult to keep himself "unspotted from the world."

What is it that has kept them unspotted from the world of business?

The language of my heart—of my unspotted name—and of this true sword.

Do you mean to tell me that your career as a maker of millions has been unspotted?

In religion he was a Freethinker; in morals pure and unspotted.

New rollers are best, insuring a fine, even, unspotted tone.

He was proud-spirited, and up to this time, had enjoyed an unspotted reputation.

She lays from five to seven eggs, of a pale bluish-green, unspotted.

Brad, were going to like this frank and unspotted child of nature, arent we?