Purified [verb]

Definition of Purified:

free; make clean

Synonyms of Purified:

Opposite/Antonyms of Purified:

Sentence/Example of Purified:

Still that could not matter, since charity redeemed and purified all.

But if the loveliness of her character should have purified his, and drawn and bound his soul to hers?

If any freeman consort with him, let him be purified before he returns to the city.

"Everything that grew or moved was purified," she went on ringingly.

Instead of women's going to the polls corrupting them it has purified the polls.

Every trait is refined, purified, vivified, raised to another plane of character.

If good water cannot be secured in any of these ways, it must in some way be purified.

Now they are purified, and you must never get into such a naughty temper again.

The purified oxycellulose was identical in all respects with the above: yield 40 p.ct.

Bixine is a purified extract of anotta made in France, and used by dyers.