Atone [verb]

Definition of Atone:

compensate; make amends for former misdoing

Synonyms of Atone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Atone:

Sentence/Example of Atone:

Because if that was to atone for man's sin, it was needless, as God could have forgiven man without Himself suffering.

The old gentleman, her father, I have heard, used to atone for his weekday sins with his Sunday devotions.

He does not like children, and is satisfied to have Amy back, and is trying to atone for his former harshness.

"You have been very patient, but no doubt you will find something that will atone for my silence there," she said.

It seemed to him as if no punishment or penance could atone for such deception and for so great a crime.

Even her father's well-known madness for things of art could scarcely atone to his child for this indignity.

Tears dropped fast on her knitting-work; but when Tom woke up, she spoke kindly, and tried to atone for her ill-temper.

Lynn saw that his remark was injudicious, and endeavoured to atone for it, by the most delicate assiduity of attention.

But it is the glory of the state as a visible effort to correct evils, atone for neglects, and compensate for wrongs.

It was a mad fancy, born of his desire to atone for a wrong that he had done to an innocent man.