Apologize [verb]

Definition of Apologize:

express remorse, regret

Opposite/Antonyms of Apologize:


Sentence/Example of Apologize:

Instead, Krvaric complained about the media and the Democratic Party, stopping short of denying his involvement with the video and so far has not apologized.

Morse denied ever having a “non-consensual sexual encounter” or violating UMass policies, but admitted that he’d had consensual relationships with students at area universities and apologized for making some students feel uncomfortable.

If our students have been subjected, I apologize and we need to and we can get better and we are committed to the work.

It wasn’t something I should have sampled from like that and I apologize.

One marathon budget hearing with hundreds of calls to slash $100 million from the police budget later, elected leaders have been forced to apologize for failing to vote with the suddenly powerful defund movement.

Though Espíndola apologized for unintentionally setting off a social media manhunt, she received death threats.

"I did not mean to speak unkindly, Michael," he stammered with a view to apologize.

"Always farouche, dear Miss Warrender, but I apologize," he continued as he gave her his arm.

She saw at once that he resented her leisurely way and her attempt at affability, and she hastened to apologize.

He drew her attention to a passage where he called upon Heaven to forbid that he should appear to apologize for so great a man.