Purge [noun]

Definition of Purge:

elimination, removal

Opposite/Antonyms of Purge:

Sentence/Example of Purge:

He did his part to purge the veins of men of the subtle poisons which dwarf them.

Why, my Masters, it can not as much as purge its own channels.

To purge away the crime appears to him in the light of a duty, whoever may be the criminal.

He had been a month in Nantes, sent thither to purge the body politic.

I dyd it but onely to subdue my flesshe, and to purge my reynes.

He owed it to his own safety to purge the palace of such as might be there.

There is a second version extant in Pills to Purge Melancholy.

Flagellation for thirty-three and a half days was held to purge from all sin.

"That'll purge me," he urged as an objection to all reasoning.

In the Philippines the decoction of the leaves is given as a purge.