Keeping [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Keeping:

So far, this is all in keeping with Captain America’s image and legacy.

Other vaccines in the pipeline might not require two doses, but the record keeping for those would work the same way.

We make resolutions that we stand little chance of keeping, jotting down goals that life’s circumstances will promptly render obsolete.

Administrators scrambled to keep the hospital operational — cancelling non-urgent appointments, reverting to pen-and-paper record keeping and rerouting some critical care patients to nearby hospitals.

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping travel demand at about 40% of last year’s levels, the airline says it has 20% more employees than it needs — at an expected cost next year of $1 billion.

These responses might seem like they’re largely in keeping with Barrett’s broader tactic of batting away the senators’ hypotheticals.

Once you dry off, you can sync the data to your phone for record keeping.

Record performances in sports like track and field have improved about 40 percent since record keeping began, whereas hot dog eating prowess has improved approximately 700 percent.

Most of my observations are in keeping with Skutch's detailed report of the species in Central America.

It is the will directing the activity of the intellect into some particular channel and keeping it there.