Carelessness [noun]

Definition of Carelessness:


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Sentence/Example of Carelessness:

Forwards make careless passes, and defensemen make mistakes that put their goalie in a tough spot.

Stop careless habits, such as leaving the dishwasher door open.

On the other end of the floor, Virginia was uncharacteristically careless as it committed 10 turnovers, including on each of its first three possessions.

I’m grateful that I was able to shed even a little bit of light on how careless authorities were with the lives of people in their custody.

One must not take the fact that there is a vaccine a few months away as an indication to be careless with measures.

But they have not the invincible carelessness or temperamental springiness of the old lot—and how should they?

Certainly he had chosen a singular hiding-place, and never did man treat such a treasure with such apparent carelessness.

Carelessness in worming was an unpardonable offence in the days of slavery, and was frequently punished with great severity.

And at the gate he parted from the lady whose carelessness had made all the trouble.

Weston was a little leaner, and his face was grimmer than it had been, for the whimsical carelessness had faded out of it.