Disposition [noun]

Definition of Disposition:

personal temperament

Synonyms of Disposition:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disposition:

Sentence/Example of Disposition:

These interactions have shaped everything about llamas, from the length and color of their wool to their dispositions and reproductive habits.

In “Far From Home,” Scott Gurian, a former public radio reporter, roams the earth with his recording equipment, passport and unflappable disposition — he rarely gets rattled, even when his radiator tank springs a leak in Iran.

He brought the friendly, self-effacing, and easygoing disposition of a native Californian and little more.

This form of disposition has been proven to destroy coronaviruses by heat in a really relatively short period of time.

Emergencies can prop up at any moment, requiring a very calm disposition even when your life and your crewmates’ lives are at stake.

There are some folk in this country, you know, who manifest a very retiring disposition at times.

Not only do children thus of themselves extend the scope of our commands, they show a disposition to make rules for themselves.

Their discipline is admirable, but their natural disposition is likewise quiet and inoffensive.

His disposition was to trust those around him, and his generous confidence was usually justified.

Two duties at least are, therefore, obligatory on him then;—to seek a disposition willingly to vow, and then to make the vow.