Habit [noun]

Definition of Habit:

tendency, practice

Opposite/Antonyms of Habit:

Sentence/Example of Habit:

It also delivers valuable brand safety for your ads during the holiday shopping season, and takes advantage of viewers’ natural second screen habits so they can immediately navigate to your site.

They’d already restarted their well-oiled machines and were in the process of booting up new routines and habits.

In April 2020, almost 1,500 parents in Canada reported their kids’ physical activity, screen time and sleep habits since the new coronavirus pandemic hit.

You can help your customers focus on the end-users’ search habits in your SEO proposal by describing why it doesn’t make sense to improve visibility for queries that are navigational keywords and trigger site links.

For more than 100 years, psychologists have done research on which study habits work best.

That 2010 study backs up one of Nebel’s preferred study habits.

The broadcasters have made such a habit of canceling fall shows that advertisers have come to expect it.

Attempts to inculcate what are called “scientific habits of mind” are of little practical help.

Obviously, amid the coronavirus pandemic, consumers’ purchasing habits, practices, and even their relationship to groceries is going to change.

Therefore, make it a habit to create concrete lists or groups of audiences according to their affinities and pet peeves.