Praxis [noun]

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They are interdependent, and rule the ancient order of gnosis and praxis.

Associated words: exemplify, exemplification, exemplary, praxis.

Another difficult word which constantly recurs in the Poetics is prattein or praxis, generally translated 'to act' or 'action'.

Praxis, praks′is, n. practice: an example or a collection of examples for exercise: a specimen.

Ideas are symptomatic of human self-constitution, and thus of the languages people have developed in their praxis.

Self-constitution in mediating and mediated practical experiences is different from self-constitution in direct forms of praxis.

Progress in writing resulted in better histories, but moreover in new avenues for future praxis.

Sign systems of all kinds, but primarily language, housed and stored many of the projects that changed the condition of praxis.

Conditions of human life and praxis require, instead of a skill and perspective for the whole of life, a series.

When praxis began to differentiate, mytho-magical experiences proved unadaptable to the resulting pragmatic framework.