Quirk [noun]

Definition of Quirk:

oddity of personality, way of doing something

Synonyms of Quirk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quirk:

Sentence/Example of Quirk:

There was the quirk in her brain; we all have a quirk somewhere, and that was hers.

I've thought of every possibility, every possible crook and quirk of this business.

Prove that, Mr. Quirk, and you need trouble yourself no more!

I've had very little to do with them; Quirk, Gammon, and Snap—these are the people, eh?

Through his thoughts a quirk of memory ran like a tongue of flame.

Was it the strong connection of contrast, or was it a quirk of my brain?

If Quirk might be compared to an old file, Gammon was the oil!

In fact, Quirk was thoroughly afraid of Gammon, and Gammon knew it.

A month or two later, a valuable addition was made to it in Quirk's scouts.

Quirk′ish, consisting of quirks; Quirk′y, abounding in quirks.