Equivocation [noun]

Definition of Equivocation:

avoidance of an issue

Opposite/Antonyms of Equivocation:

Sentence/Example of Equivocation:

Sovereigns, as well as gods, have sometimes made use of equivocation.

Who would venture to assert that Paul, or that anybody, could catch the trick of equivocation in such a service?

Anywhere, everywhere, he would have spoken his convictions without concealment, without equivocation.

He is among those whose names have given rise to a word: "escobarderie" is a synonym for equivocation.

But this is no equivocation, it is evidence there, that subordinate laws exist and nothing more.

Stewart, in fact, really illustrated the equivocation between the two meanings of 'common sense.'

The attempt to conceal or evade this truth is the fatal source of all equivocation and confusion.

After another painful pause, therefore, she brought the matter to an issue by a question too direct to admit of equivocation.

There is besides these, the doctrine of equivocation, which is a favorite shaft against the Society.

Even while he trembled in anticipation of what was about to follow, he never contemplated equivocation.