Song [noun]

Definition of Song:

melody sung or played with musical instrument

Synonyms of Song:

Opposite/Antonyms of Song:


Sentence/Example of Song:

And the wild ducklings are out on the pool, and the woods are full of song.

"Sing the song you gave us the other night at our house," he said carelessly.

Listen to me, and I will show you how the song ought to have been sung.

Her heart ascended on a wave of thanks to the giver of song.

It was not soon that he risked an attempt to please her with a song of his own.

He took the song from his pocket, and smoothed it out before her on the piano.

I will now favor the company with a song of my own composure.

To my mind the two have no more than the relation of the words of a song and the music of its setting.

I am considering them apart, and confining myself wholly to the words of the song.

Yet there is truth in what he says, for, as you know well, the song was not of the cleanest.