Strain [noun]

Definition of Strain:

pain, due to exertion

Synonyms of Strain:

Opposite/Antonyms of Strain:

Sentence/Example of Strain:

Under the strain of his muscles, iron bars bent like hot wax.

Strain the liquid from the veal and bones and remove the fat.

She was not herself, of course, what with strain and weariness.

All trace of stress and strain had left it, replaced by an enigmatic calm.

Behind the scenes, as we are now, Vivian, what use can there be in talking in that strain?

When the meat has dissolved into shreds, strain it, and return the liquid to the pot.

Lay the oysters in a deep dish, and then strain the liquor over them.

Strain it then through a clean napkin, and it will be fit for use.

Take the liquor from the fire, and strain out the spice from it.

Then strain the liquor through a sieve, and put it into a kettle or stew-pan.