Ache [noun]

Definition of Ache:

sore feeling; dull pain

Synonyms of Ache:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ache:

Sentence/Example of Ache:

I noticed how my frustration with everything going on in the world really made my body ache and my face a bit dry.

I learned that it is often the ache of chronic disease that stings most.

Later that week, she tested positive and began suffering body aches, a sore throat and fatigue.

Still, nothing could fully ease the damned ache in my shoulder blade.

And a rampant ache in my head, seconded by a medium-sized gash in the scalp, didn't make for an access of optimism at that moment.

It sent a pleasant tingle through his veins and made that injured arm of his ache again.

She was very glib with the sheep and the geese, but the grindstone made her head ache, and she gave it up.

I could bear it if I were the only one, but to think that I must make somebodys heart ache as mine does!

Oh, how it makes a poor fellow's back ache, to stoop down and weed onions for half a day.

A curious little ache came into her heart as she braced herself for the coming ordeal.