Health [noun]

Definition of Health:

physical, mental wellness

Opposite/Antonyms of Health:

Sentence/Example of Health:

As for the actual health benefits of rice cakes, like so many other foods marketed as “better for you,” they’re really just that — marketing.

Citing audiences’ health and safety as a top priority, The Kennedy Center is moving most planned programming to spring of 2021 and beyond.

Which I know can be scary for civilians — the idea that their police or health department needs military backup.

Pressed on these claims Tuesday, the president falsely said he had already released a health plan.

Among all registered voters, Biden is narrowly seen as more trusted on health care, by seven percentage points.

It was a relief for the nation’s meatpackers who were being urged, or ordered, to suspend production by local health officials worried about the spread of the coronavirus.

We knew what it felt like to live with these skin conditions and the effect it had on our mental health, which is why we wanted to create Topicals.

But men, through neglecting the rules of health, pass quickly to old age, and die before reaching that term.

But I suppose, as he is my nearest relative, it is but natural he should be anxious about my health.

This Captain Kirton was really the best of the Kirton bunch: a quiet, unassuming young man, somewhat delicate in health.