Tone [noun]

Definition of Tone:

pitch, volume

Synonyms of Tone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tone:

Sentence/Example of Tone:

"Hum," remarked Uncle Peter, in a tone to be noticed for its extreme dryness.

"That's bad," said the station-master, in a tone of sympathy.

"You will hear from me again," he said, in a tone of menace.

"Heads for her, tails for me," he said, with some awe in his tone.

"I'll tell you how it is," said the big man in the tone of one who is willing to argue a point.

Their tone came of temperament, the words themselves of love and its courage.

"You are thinking of your brother," he said, in a tone that made her feel grateful.

There was a curious mixture of complaint and satisfaction in Dick's tone.

She must do something to tone down the beating of her heart.

Her tone was dominated by the desire to be calm, and get at his real feeling.