Intonation [noun]

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When Odom, with his buttery intonation and supple phrasing, performs “A Change Is Gonna Come,” he’s not so much impersonating Cooke as channeling him.

At intervening moments, the engaging Kwong announces in the intonations of a game show host, “It’s puzzle time!”

Wheeler’s job was to re-record each snippet in his own voice, matching the exact rhythm and intonation.

In addition to the intonation changes, Alexa will now take turns speaking like a conversation.

North Dormer took the Mountain for granted, and implied its disparagement by an intonation rather than by explicit criticism.

But in all these instances it is the intonation of the word as such, not of the sentence, which is primarily concerned.

"I haven't eaten anything for twenty-four hours," he said, with a whistling intonation.

As for Susanna's own accent, she comes from the heart of Aberdeenshire, and her intonation is beyond my power to reproduce.

Dan had given to his last words a weird, mournful intonation whose effect was startling.

His intonation, however, was perfect, and exactly represented the street venders crying their wares.