Enunciation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Enunciation:

Mr. Beale struck him as a fattened duplicate of Mr. Illington, thin of lip, hard of eye, slow and precise in enunciation.

The Philadelphian is quite as marked in tone and enunciation.

And with slow enunciation Sybil pronounced the mystic words which she had heard repeated by the sexton.

While it had been intelligible, his enunciation was puzzling at times; occasionally hardly understandable.

Factum est: and beyond the information contained in the enunciation of the Fact, it can be characterized only by the consequences.

Should any breath be spent in aspiration, or in hissing, or in guttural enunciation, the vocality is said to be impure.

His enunciation was not distinct, so that in reading his own verses—he 148 could not recite them—he was forcible but not graceful.

This Witch of Endor offered to tell my fortune, with much dignity and proper oracular enunciation.

Immediately he began to read, unconsciously emphasizing the emphatic words—a little trick of his enunciation.

Their leader was a small grey-headed man with trembling hands and very indistinct enunciation.