Phraseology [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Phraseology:

And not only are these gone, but we are lacking in a knowledge of Hebrew phraseology.

“A lying dog of some sort,” said Mr Vladimir in somewhat Oriental phraseology.

In Hegelian phraseology the state is the reality of which justice is the idea.

There must have been a reason for this change of phraseology.

In his own phraseology he was “beat,” completely and utterly “beat.”

His later epistles are steeped in the phraseology of the Greek mysteries.

As always in this exalted state his phraseology grew Biblical.

How naturally one falls back into the phraseology of Cranford!

He was more accustomed to the phraseology of the prayer-meeting than of the public school.

It is no wonder that their phraseology was a caricature of civilised language.